Four ways to get the most out of your Car Wrap!

It’s not unusual for our clients to ask us how we could possibly know what the (ROI) return on investment for a vehicle wrap is. For those of you who most value statistics and number to run your business here are three way to precisely measure ROI on vehicle wraps:

Assign an 1-800 phone number to your vehicle wraps. Tracking software will follow the number for you. In some cases, you can even make notes on who called when as well as what became of the phone lead. Failing that, assign one salesperson to these calls and have them keep track in a spreadsheet.

Offer a special call to action. It doesn’t have to be the deal of the century. Just suggest a free coupon for ice cream or mention this wrap for 10% off. At the end of the day, client’s don’t know your usual prices so taking off 10% won’t ultimately affect your bottom line.Car wrap with QR Code

You’ve heard of landing pages. This is similar to an alternate website. The contact form can come directly from this alternate website.

Integrate an 8.5" x 11" QR Code in your wrap. This is the easiest way for your target audience to remember you, by simply scanning your specific QR Code (which should be directed to a specific landing page for tracking). An 8.5" x 11" QR Code can be scanned from 10 feet away. So your code can be scanned while you're stock in traffic or waiting on a red light.
You might need a few more ideas to really convince you. But if there wasn’t a ROI on wraps, why would so very many companies choose to invest thousands of dollars in getting their brand out there via vehicles? Call us with questions: 877-582-3680

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