Matte Black Wrap!

What is a matte black car wrap? A car wrap is made from a special vinyl specifically designed and manufactured to be used on vehicles. Matte Black car wraps create a very unique look when applied to any vehicle.

There are many other colors for matte wraps available such as: Black, Silver, Gray, White and Green.

There are two different types of matte color wrap:

Solid Matte Black Cast Vinyl
This type of vinyl is created by the manufacturer in a solid color form and is the best type. 3M, Avery Dennison and Oracal are three best-known brands for matte black wrap.

Printed Matte Black and Laminated
Using a standard white cast vinyl, the color black is printed and then laminated using a matte laminate.
The first method is always the preferred one since it provides the most true matte black color. When using the second method regardless of the type of cast film used and the quality of the printer the matte black color results is never as rich and true as method one. One main reason for that is because the black is printed on a "White" substrate where as in method one the matte black is created from ground up.

There are also two different methods of installing a matte black wrap:

The inside of the door panels, hood and the trunk are wrapped in matte black to hide the original color of the car.
The inside panels are not wrapped and the original color of the car shows when the doors are opened.
Both of these methods are totally acceptable. Besides the obvious the only other difference is the cost. The first method is obviously more expensive as it requires more material and much more installation time to complete.

At Lucent Ads we prefer to use 3M Matte Black on all of our vehicle wraps. We also offer the pricing for both options to fully wrap all the panels or only the surface. In our opinion if the vinyl is properly trimmed and tucked the surface option is fully acceptable and it will save our clients quite bid of money, but the choice is always yours and we'll be happy to wrap all the visible surfaces.

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