What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

Full vehicle wraps are part of the fastest growing methods of advertising. Car wraps, which are a type of vinyl graphics that literally cover your car, are gaining popularity because of the huge exposure they can get for your business. Whether your company is established or just getting off the ground, this is a great way to gain traction -- so to speak.

Vehicle wraps are a very helpful advertising tool for business owners. Drivers and passengers are captivated by the bright color vehicle wraps that are on the road. One of the advantages of this type of promotion is that your business name, logo and contact information can be seen by both drivers and pedestrians, whether you're traveling on the freeway or parked in a lot. As a result, business owners gain more customers through a full vehicle wrap advertisement. In fact, this method of advertising has one of the lowest cost-per-impression rates out there.

Several vehicle wrap companies offer the option to finance vehicle wrap advertisements through a cost effective vehicle wrap financing program. The program will enable you to make low monthly payments. On average, vehicle wraps prices could range from about $1 to $1.75 daily per vehicle. The majority of wraps are digitally printed onto vinyl and then covered with a transparent film that prevents damage from the sun.

Vehicle wraps are safe to use, and do not damage your vehicle. Long term wraps are durable, and can last up to five years. Graphics that are made on excellent quality vehicle vinyl using a fantastic vehicle laminate will not lose color, crack, or peel.

Vinyl vehicle wraps can be custom designed, or can utilize your existing graphics and photographs, as long as the resolution of the photo is high enough. After you give the vehicle wrap business your final design, your vehicle wrap installation could take anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on the size of your vehicle and the amount of material required to design a full vehicle wrap.

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