Could Outdoor Advertising Like Vehicle Wraps Change Nigeria’s Infrastructure?


The spread of outdoor advertising methods like car wrap advertising across the African nation of Nigeria could come as a benefit to the country at an infrastructural level as well as helping its economy grow.

According to an August 26 CNBC Africa article, outdoor advertising's physical presence gives a tangible aspect to companies and brands. They are also some of the most effective types of advertising -- according to some studies, vinyl vehicle wraps can be viewed anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 in a single day.

And in Nigeria, where the industry for vinyl car wraps and outdoor advertisements is rapidly growing, this is especially true. Over the last four years, the Nigerian government has invested in making public spaces more amenable to outdoor advertisements, especially in the city of Lagos, Nigeria's biggest population center, CNBC Africa reports.

Lagos is, as a result, a city that's highly friendly to digital outdoor advertisements not unlike the kind you'd see in Times Square, along with car wrap advertising and other non-digital outdoor ads like billboards.

And Nigeria's government now plans to expand this infrastructural evolution to the rest of the country's population centers, according to CNBC Africa, and the benefits of doing so speak for themselves.

“One of the first things that has to be done in other parts of Nigeria is to go through what we did in Lagos by ensuring that there is a regulatory authority to clean up the city and make sure it is very amiable to advertising, because without the cleaning exercise it becomes very difficult," Mako Alabi, CEO of Vimedia Outdoor, told CNBC Africa. "The clients get value for money; the outdoor advertisers themselves, the owner of the structures also get benefits from whatever they put up. The market is huge from a mobile perspective as well, you link that up to outdoor advertising and it is going to be huge.”

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