Four Incredible Facts About the Power of Advertising With Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

You've probably seen at least one before -- a vivid, eye-catching advertisement gracing the side of a bus, van or car. These advertisements, referred to as vehicle wrap advertising, are easily the best way for small, local businesses to promote themselves and expand their customer base to more people in their area.

This is because vinyl wraps can effectively turn any of your business' vehicles into a moving billboard -- at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional billboard ad!

But do you know as much about the advantages of vinyl vehicle wraps as you should? If not, these four facts are sure to blow you away:

Vinyl car wraps use the highest-quality graphics.

Advances in printing technology have resulted in vinyl vehicle wraps having some of the highest-quality graphic design work around. In fact, these wraps are often mistaken for painted-on images, the quality is so high!

Car wrap advertising is among the most affordable ways to advertise.

Of all the various forms of outdoor advertising, car wraps boast the lowest cost-per-impression rate. If your business invests in just one car wrap for an initial cost of about $6,000, and uses the wrap for its average life span of six years, this translates to a yearly marketing cost of just $500 -- or a mere $1.37 per day. When compared with the statistic below, it's clear that it costs literal cents to reach a consumer with vehicle wrap advertising.

Vehicle wrap advertising can reach an audience of considerable size.

Let this statistic sink in: 95% of Americans have reported being reached by a mobile advertisement of some kind. This is because ads like those found on vehicle wraps can reach pedestrians, drivers and passengers alike. Better yet, studies have shown that just one car wrap can be viewed anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 times throughout any given day. This translates to brand recognition on a scale that's hard to fathom!

Consumers respond to vehicle wrap advertising.

Did you know that an average of 30% of people who view mobile outdoor ads say these advertisements influence their purchasing decisions? Because car wraps are non-invasive and are viewed apart from competitors' ads, many consumers find them appealing.

If you're a long-time lover of car wrap advertising, what are some other ways these vehicle wraps have benefited your business? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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