Could Your Business Be Making a Grievous Mistake With its Outdoor Advertising?

These days, outdoor advertising -- from car wraps to billboards and virtually everything in between -- are becoming widely known as some of the most effective and consumer-friendly advertising strategies available.

In fact, vehicle wrap advertising alone has been statistically proven to generate a response from as much as 91% of its targeted audience, and a fleet of vehicle advertisements can help grow brand recognition up to 15 times more than other advertising techniques. In addition, an astonishing percentage of Americans -- more than 95%! -- Report being reached by mobile or outdoor advertisements.

With this in mind, it's clear why so many businesses are choosing full vehicle wraps and other outdoor advertising methods to help grow their brand. But not all of them are using this advertising technique to its highest potential.

Perhaps the most common mistake small businesses make when creating these ads? Making their ad copy too small or just plain illegible.

When you have just five to 10 seconds to make an impression with consumers, text that can't be easily and quickly read and remembered wastes precious time and money.

Reach The Most People With Your Outdoor Advertising

To make sure your business' outdoor advertisements reach as many people as possible, here are some easy tips to help ensure your business' custom car wraps, billboards and more can be easily read by consumers from their vehicles:

Keep text at least three feet tall
Keep your message short -- no more than seven or eight words
Use simple, easily-legible fonts that aren't too thin or decorative
Avoid caps lock in all advertising copy
Essentially, functionality is key when designing car wrap advertisements and billboards -- an eye-catching design means nothing if the consumer can't read what the advertisement says about your business.

What are some other mistakes to avoid when creating outdoor advertisements? Share with us in the comments below!

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