Dubai Signage Show to Put Vinyl Vehicle Wraps On Display

vehicle wrapsThe city of Dubai will soon host some of the best custom vehicle wraps the United Arab Emirates' vinyl car wrap industry has to offer at its upcoming Sign and Graphic Imaging (SGI) trade show.

According to a January 1 Trade Arabia article, the SGI show, which displays signage of all kinds, will feature an exclusive area where attendants can view the most creative and high-quality examples of custom car wraps from around the country.

Across the globe, the car wrap industry has generated an incredible $250 million at just a retail level -- this figure doesn't include the countless amounts of spending made on commercial car wrap advertisements. The market is currently displaying a 10% year-on-year rate of growth, Trade Arabia reports.

"The car wrapping industry has witnessed rapid growth in the UAE in recent years and this market is very much in the growth phase and has a tremendous potential," Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, chairman of event organizers International Expo Consults (IEC), said.

It's no surprise that the UAE is embracing car wraps. Studies have shown that a fleet of vehicles embellished with car wraps, which are essentially mobile billboards, can help boost a brand's name recognition by as much as 15 times the ability of other forms of advertising. In addition, an astounding 91% of a brand's target audience will respond to car wrap advertisements -- an unparalleled rate across the world of outdoor advertising.

According to Trade Arabia, SGI Dubai, which receives as many as 12,000 visitors from 78 countries each year, will feature exhibitions from 400 different firms from around the globe. Exhibitors specialize in sign-making, printing, media, branding, imaging and much more.

Without a doubt, the thousands who attend SGI Dubai can expect to see some of the best vehicle wraps the UAE has to offer.

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