Car Wrap Advertisements Prove Beneficial to Kansas City Businesses

Car Wrap AdvertisementsFor many small business owners, it starts with the need to find a more affordable, cost-efficient method of advertising.

That's how Clint Baker, of Kansas City, MO, first heard of vehicle wrap advertising a few months after starting a new construction and consulting business.

According to a Kansas City Star article, a friend of Baker's who works for a towing services company told him of the massive benefits that car wraps, a layer of vinyl graphics that is wrapped around a vehicle, can provide.

"He told me, 'If you want to advertise your business, get your truck wrapped,'" Baker said.

After working with a local vinyl vehicle wraps company on the design and message he wanted for his business, Baker debuted the first company trucks wrapped with his business' name, C and C Construction and Consulting, along with the company phone number, in December.

Car Wrap Advertisements Effective

In the few short months since then, he told the Kansas City Star he has been amazed at the influx of new customers who have come in after seeing his business' vinyl vehicle wraps.

"Since I got my wrap, my company has tripled the amount of work performed in a month," Baker said. "I have completed eight jobs off that truck wrap. It has paid for itself eight times."

Statistically speaking, Baker's success is no surprise. Market research has found that car wrap advertisements, which are essentially moving billboards, will increase business by 107% on average. A single car wrap can be viewed anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 times in a single day.

Because of the unparalleled ease of use and affordability that car wraps offer, Baker said his decision to invest in these advertisements for his business was one he'd make all over again.

"There is no better way to represent your business," Baker said.

What are your thoughts on this story? Have any other questions for us about how to grow your business with full vehicle wraps? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Gregory Willard

    I think it’s great that car wraps are affordable and easy to use. I have a neighbor that has his car wrapped for his business. I can always recognize it, and he told me it brought a lot of business.

  3. It is really impressive how many people can see a car wrap in a day. Especially if you are driving around as part of your business. However, it is really effective. The plumbing company that I use, I found out about because I kept seeing their trucks, trust me, they really stuck out. I haven’t seen any other advertising for that company, apparently wraps do work well.

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