Should You Get a New Paint Job or a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap?

Vinyl Vehicle WrapsAmericans are spending more time in their personal vehicles than ever before, according to data from the Federal Highway Association. And as a result, it's no surprise that many drivers are looking to customize their vehicles' exteriors and make their cars look truly one of a kind on the road.

 And if you're looking to change up the look of your car, you primarily have two choices available to you: a traditional paint job or vinyl car wraps -- and each has their own unique set of advantages. No matter which way you choose to customize your car, you should ensure you have the work done by a professional so you know your car will look as good as it ought to.

 Which choice is right for you? How are these car customization options different?

Here's a quick guide to paint jobs and vinyl vehicle wraps that will help you understand which you should choose:

Paint jobs:

 There's no mistaking the quality of a professional paint job. Many skilled auto painters can recommend custom-created paint colors for your vehicle that you won't find on a factory-made car. However, a custom paint coating won't protect your car from the dangers of scrapes and scratches. Also, a non-OEM paint will reduce the value of your car by a minimum of 20% and a leased vehicle can not be painted as it must be returned with its original OEM paint.

Vinyl vehicle wraps: 

A car wrap is a thin, expertly applied layer of vinyl that wraps around the car -- and in most cases, high-quality vinyl vehicle wraps are actually mistaken for paint jobs. These days, vehicle wraps are gaining popularity among drivers because they allow you to change up the finish of your car -- for example, a car wrap with a matte finish will give a unique, luxurious appearance to any vehicle. Best of all once vinyl vehicle wraps have reached the end of their lifespan, they can be easily removed. Not only will the wrap will simply peel off with no damage done to your car's paint coating, it will also protect the paint from daily road hazards.

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