New Research Shows 3 Major Car Wrap Trends

Car Wrap TrendsCurrently, car wrap advertising is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of marketing for businesses small and large. It shouldn't come as a surprise that car wraps can help boost brand recognition by an amazing 15 times more than other advertising techniques, especially when these car wraps can be viewed anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 times a day.

But will this effectiveness continue five or even 10 years from now? That's a question that recent research from Grand View Research sought to answer. According to, the industry for custom car wraps is projected to evolve in some pretty interesting ways.

So just how will the vinyl car wrap industry change between today and 2022? There might be more change set to happen in the next few years than you think.

Here are three predictions researchers have made for future of car wrap trends

Increased customization of personal vehicles

It's a trend that's already taking place and will only continue to grow: more and more people are seeking to customize their personal vehicles with full vehicle wraps. Typically, people turn to car wraps to make their cars stand out from the crowd with unique colors and finishes, as car manufacturers offer a limited selection of colors. As word spreads about the versatility and convenience of car wraps, more consumers will undoubtedly turn to this method of personalizing one's vehicle.

Continued demand from businesses

Did you know that vehicle wraps can increase business by an amazing 107% for some companies? Throughout the next several years, businesses small and large will continue to turn to car wraps as one of the best, most cost-efficient forms of branding and advertising.

Adoption of car wraps in new countries

The Grand View Research study also found that car wraps' popularity will expand well outside the U.S. throughout the next few years. From major industrial nations like China and Germany to places like India, Indonesia and Vietnam, car wraps will become an increasingly global phenomenon.

Do you agree with these predictions? How do you think the vinyl vehicle wraps industry will evolve between now and 2022? Share with us by leaving a comment below.


  1. Yes i completely agree with you the trend of Car Wrapping is really increasing.

  2. I agree vinyl wrap is here to stay as one of the most convenient and value packed avenues for marketing.

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