Why Custom Car Wraps are Beneficial for Small Businesses

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When it comes to advertising, small businesses can have a hard time staying competitive with larger businesses with deeper pockets. Although these small businesses may not be able to fund a million-dollar ad campaign (or even a TV commercial for that matter), there are still ways that an up-and-coming company can maximize the ad spend they do have. This is where car wrap advertising comes into play. This type of advertising is a great way to get your company’s name out there and spread the word about your product or service without having to launch a full out, costly marketing campaign. So what are the benefits you ask? Below we outline just how car wraps are beneficial for small businesses:

Low Cost

As we touched on before, traditional advertising, such as TV, radio, or billboards, can cost thousands (if not millions) of dollars. As a small business, the majority of your funds need to be invested into things like buying inventory, paying employees & vendors, or buying equipment. For this reason, investing in a low cost vehicle wrap is a great way to get marketing exposure while staying on budget.

Strategic Targeting

Another benefit of car wraps is that you can decide exactly where the car advertisements will go and customize exactly what is on them. Whatever your target market is, driving on city streets, expressways, or local neighborhoods is a great way to get exposure. For example if you own a nightclub, you may want to drive your wrapped vehicle through college towns and at universities to reach the younger crowd that makes up a large percentage of your target market.

Unavoidable Advertising

Many forms of advertisements are easy to avoid. Turn off the television and you won't see commercials, change the station to avoid radio advertisements, or install ad blockers for Internet ads. Car wraps on the other hand are hard to avoid or ignore. These attention grabbing “ads” are often brightly colored and interesting to look at while sitting in traffic, walking on the side of the road, or stopping at a light. You can’t deny that you haven’t stared at a wrapped vehicle driving down the road and found out what business drives those interesting cars!

Where Can You Get a Car Wrap?

The benefits of car wraps speak for themselves, so now it is up to you to make the decision. At Lucent Graphic Solutions we are here to help you and your small business reap the benefits of car wrap advertising. We will work with you to create an advertisement that will draw people’s attention, get your service or product more exposure, and eventually lead more visitors to your company. Instead of throwing money down the drain on traditional advertising, why not go with a more effective and cost efficient solution? Contact us today to learn more about how you can get your small business’s advertising the kick start it needs by investing in a car wrap.


  1. If you’re dedicating a vehicle to a business (and not business/personal), you might as well make it work for your business as much as possible. And with your logo and business information slapped on the side, every trip you make in it increases the visibility of your business

  2. These really are great at grabbing attention. I think they do a better job than most other forms of advertising because they’re so hard to miss.

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