Head-to-Head Comparison of Wrapping Cars vs. Paint Jobs

wrapping cars vs paint jobsHere at Lucent Graphic Solutions, one of the most common inquiries we get is about whether wrapping cars is better than a paint job.

This is a great question, and it’s an important one as well – because there’s plenty of misinformation and misunderstandings out there. So to set the record straight, here’s a head-to-head comparison of wrapping cars vs. paint jobs.

Cost: A paint job can cost anywhere from $3000, to well over $10,000. However, wrapping cars can easily cost $1,500 to $5000 depending on the project and material. Winner: CAR WRAPS!

Durability: Paint jobs quickly begin to fade – particularly lower-end attempts that really look horrible after a couple of years. Wrapping cars is much more durable, and maintains a brilliant “just like new” look for many years. What’s more, it protects a car’s natural factory paint from sun exposure, abrasion, chips and other hazards. Winner: CAR WRAPS!

Resale Value: Most cars that have been on the road for a couple of years – especially under the punishing Southern California sun – tend to look well beyond their age, which brings down resale value. However, as noted above, wrapping cars protects the original factory paint in pristine condition, and ultimately drives up the resale price; especially compared to similar make/year/model cars on the market that buyers are considering. Winner: CAR WRAPS!

Customization: It’s no accident that people face such limited color options when buying a new car. Manufacturers want to maximize sales and minimize costs, and as such offer the same boring, generic palette of colors (although they tend to give them glorious names like “storm charcoal” and “night azure” and so on). However, when it comes to wrapping cars, there is virtually no limit to the color or design. Each individual can truly customize their ride either for personal or business purposes. Winner: CAR WRAPS!

Convenience: A paint job can take up to two weeks, during which time people must rent a car, borrow one, take public transportation, or find another option to get around. There’s nothing convenient about any of these choices! But wrapping cars is fast, and only takes about 2-5 days (depending on the work that needs to be done). In fact, many people choose to schedule their car wrap installation project during their vacation, so that when they come back from the lake, Los Vegas, or wherever else they ventured, their beautiful custom-wrapped car is ready and waiting for them to drive home. Winner: CAR WRAPS!

And the Winner Is…

Frankly, this isn’t much of a contest at all. When it comes to cost, durability, resale value, customization and installation time, wrapping cars is the clear hands-down champ. In fact, it’s such a total triumph, that it almost makes you feel sorry for people who still get old fashioned, needlessly expensive paint jobs. Fortunately you won’t be among them because, as the old saying goes: knowledge is power! And now you know without a doubt that wrapping cars is the way to go.

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