PELOTON Cycle Fleet Wraps!

Peloton Indoor Cycle started in East Coast and has worked its way to West Coast with its amazing product and concept. As the leader in the indoor cycling Peloton allows its customers to join studio cycling classes from the comfort of their homes. So how did an East Coast based company connected with Lucent Graphic Solutions, you may ask, apparently our reputation for being the best vehicle wrap shop in Southern California is bigger than we thought.

Fleet wraps are the best form of advertising for any company to promote their brand and to introduce and expand their presence in a new market. Peloton Cycle decided to take over and internalize the delivery of their products directly to their customer's homes. This will allow them to offer a more timely and professional service along with the ability to setup the units for their customers.

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Peloton Indoor Cycle Fleet Wrap

We were able to work with Peloton and re-create the graphics exactly as they had them installed on their vehicles in East Coast to ensure a unified look. The project required many steps as the vehicles were wrapped in three different stages. The rear part of the vehicle is wrapped in Matte Black vinyl and the front area in Matte Gray vinyl and finally finished with Gloss White die-cut overlays of the logo and the lettering. This created a very unique, modern and attractive look that is simple yet elegant. While on the road delivering their unique products or simply parked these vehicles are guaranteed to attract attention and help Peloton Cycle to further establish its brand name in Southern California.

fleet wraps, fleet graphics, car wraps

Peloton Cycle vehicle wrap

It is very common for our clients to ask us how we could possibly know what the vehicle wrap ROI is. Here are some ways to measure the ROI on vehicle wraps:

  • Offer a special call to action. This could be something very small such a 10% discount on your products and services if the customer mentions the car wrap.

  • Assign a specific Phone Number to the vehicle wraps. There are tracking software available that will allow you to track all in coming calls on that specific number. Or, you can simply train your staffs that are assigned to answering the phones to keep track of them on a spreadsheet.

  • Create a specific web page (aka: landing page). This could be like an alternative web site and the forms customers fill out on that page can track the leads.

It is important to consider that a vehicle fleet wrap is not an accessory to your business, but a strategic marketing tool. For each and every marketing event you will be participating in for the next 3-5 years, it's imperative to consider how your wrapped vehicle can enhance the lead generation of your business.

fleet wraps, fleet graphics, car wraps

Peloton Cycle delivery van wrap

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To learn more about how vehicle fleet wraps can help grow your business – regardless of the size of your company – contact the team at Lucent Graphic Solutions today. We perform all aspects of the project in-house all under one roof, from design to production to installation. We use a 64” wide format, high-resolution, seven color OKI printer that delivers stunningly rich and bright colors. Plus, all of our vehicle wrap printing takes place in our customized, state-of-the-art room that is dust and debris-free, and temperature controlled. We’re the professionals that the professionals trust!


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