5 Reasons Why Floor Graphics are a Smart Investment

floor graphicsOne of the fastest-growing marketing and advertising options today isn’t something that prospective customers are coming across online: it’s something that they’re literally walking across! Of course, we’re referring to floor graphics, which can be found at conferences, conventions, expos, hotels, airports, malls, retail stores, sidewalks, and the list goes on.

Below, we highlight 5 key reasons why floor graphics are a smart investment, and why a more and more businesses of all sizes – from small firms to large enterprises – are taking advantage of this successful advertising, marketing and customer engagement option:

  1. Floor Graphics Get Noticed

Most people habitually look down when they walk, since they want to ensure that they don’t stumble or slip. What’s more, ever-present smartphone use means that even more people are glancing downwards as they walk. As a result of these factors, floor graphics are highly noticeable and make an immediate, memorable impact.

  1. Floor Graphics Offer Virtually Limitless Design Options

Whether businesses want to provide directional cues in a retail environment or trade show, promote a new product or service, or highlight anything else about their brand, floor graphics offer an incredible and essentially limitless variety of design options – everything from 3D layouts to embedded QR codes (for smartphone scans) to millions of color combination possibilities. In addition, floor graphics can be custom-fit to any space, from narrow aisles in retail store environments, to large lobbies in hotels or corporate headquarters.

  1. Floor Graphics are Extremely Cost-Effective

Unlike billboard advertising that costs thousands per month, or broadcast advertising that can cost much more and yet fail to deliver ROI, floor graphics are extremely cost-effective, and can start below $10/square foot. What’s more, unlike other forms of “interrupt” marketing and advertising, businesses don’t have to pay for floor decals every time they use them. They pay once (and only once!), and start generating results from hour one of day one.

  1. Floor Graphics are Built to Last

Top quality floor graphics are built to last, and built with slip, scuff and wear-resistant coating to ensure lasting functionality and durability. And just as importantly, there is zero additional maintenance and are extremely easy to keep clean -- even after they’ve been walked on thousands of times.

  1. Floor Graphics are Versatile

Last but not least, floor graphics are versatile and can be used on wide range of flooring, such as tile, wood, concrete, carpet, marble, and the list goes on. Furthermore, they can be used to motivate staff, encourage employees to focus on health and safety, and more! It’s a level of versatility that most other forms of advertising and marketing simply cannot match.

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