How Car Wrap Advertising Can Generate ROI

Car wrap advertisingWhen it’s done properly, car wrap advertising is a remarkably cost-effective way to reach hundreds of thousands of people each month. And naturally, while all of these folks aren’t potential customers (unless perhaps you offer car maintenance services!), many of them are. And that’s just the start.

Another distinct advantage of car wrap advertising vs. conventional methods is that drivers are what is called in marketing as a “captive audience.” After all, it’s not like they can turn off or tune out the message. In fact, they invariably see and register the message before they consciously decide if they want to or not, which helps it go even deeper.

Indeed, this is why big companies like Apple and McDonalds spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year around the world on what is essentially repetitive TV advertising. They know that viewers are actually interested in watching something else (e.g. a football game), but are nevertheless receptive to the message -- simply because it’s part of their watching experience.

Similarly, drivers don’t actively look for car wrap advertising, but they certainly see and remember them -- both consciously and subconsciously – and statistics compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America bear this out:

  • Over 95 percent of Americans are reached by media that targets vehicle drivers/passengers.
  • A single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions each day.
  • Fleet vehicle advertising increases name recognition 1500 percent times more than any other form of advertising.
  • 30 percent of mobile outdoor viewers said they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.
  • While a 30-second TV spot on a prime time show costs nearly $18 per CPM (cost per thousand impressions), car wrap advertising can cost less than $.88 per CPM – a savings of nearly 2000 percent!

How to Generate ROI from Car Wrap Advertising

Now that you know car wrap advertising is highly effective and affordable, naturally your next question is: how do you profit from this innovative customer outreach method? Here are 2 best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Ensure that your car wraps are made from quality materials and professionally installed. Otherwise instead of working for your brand, low quality (i.e. faded, peeling, scratched, etc.) car wraps will work against your brand.
  1. If you plan on recruiting drivers (in addition or instead of using your own fleet as part of your car wrap advertising campaign), ensure that you have a set of core criteria in place to hire the right people. For example, prospective drivers should be at least 18 years old, have a clean driving record and adequate insurance, have a newer model car, drive frequently, and so on. This article provides some additional recruiting tips.

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To learn more about what you need to know about car wrap advertising, and how to take advantage of this highly effective and remarkably affordable branding and customer acquisition strategy, contact the team at Lucent Graphic Solutions today. We’ll clearly answer your questions, and educate you to make a smart decision that is right for your business and budget.

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