Leading Causes of Ugly Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wrapsAt Lucent Graphic Solutions, we simply love beautiful vehicle wraps – the look, the feel, the quality, the attention to detail…everything!

And that’s why it breaks our hearts when we’re on the road, and spot what can only be described as an ugly vehicle wrap. Regardless of whether the owner of the esthetically-challenged vehicle took the DIY route or had their vehicle wrap designed and installed by sub-par amateurs posing as professionals, we know that they expected much more, but are getting far less.

While there are many reasons for an ugly vehicle wrap, here are the most common:

  • Using Low Quality Vinyl

It doesn’t matter how well designed a vehicle wrap might be, or how great it may look immediately after installation. Low quality vinyl is a time bomb that, sooner rather than later, will go off -- and look horrible. There is simply no getting around this.

  • Using the Wrong Type of Vinyl

Even among high quality vinyl (which again, is the ONLY kind that should ever be used), there are different types for various applications. Choosing the wrong type will lead to major problems, including wrinkling, bubbling, over-stretching, color distortion, and the scary list goes on.

  • Improper Installation

We’ll juts get to the bottom-line on this one: everything you read about DIY vehicle wrap installation is wrong (unless what you’re reading is a warning never to install a vehicle wrap on your own). Even the slightest speck of dust or dirt particles will lead to bubbling, and the faintest trace of oil or silicon residue on the vehicle will lead to adhesion problems.

  • Over-Stretching

Frankly, this one is so painful, that sometimes when we come across an over-stretched vehicle wrap on the road we wince and look away, so that we don’t start howling like little kids -- kind of like when your favorite team blows a lead in the ninth inning or final minutes. It just leaves you feeling empty inside. One of the primary causes of over-stretched vehicle wraps is bad installation. A vehicle wrap can also become over-stretched by the use of calendar vinyl with calendar laminate -- when used the vinyl will pull back. It’s particularly noticeable on bumpers and around contoured areas.

  • Improper (or Non-Existing) Post-Installation

Here’s the thing about vehicle wraps that a lot of people don’t know: vinyl is a form of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. As such, it has a “memory” that refers back to its original shape. For a lot of products – such as pipes made from PVC – this is a critical advantage. But for vehicle wraps, it’s most definitely a risk factor that must be eliminated through post-installation heating (and other techniques), or else it’s just a matter of time before a vehicle wrap starts conforming to it’s original shape -- and looking awful.

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As mentioned, there are many other reasons why vehicle wraps that are supposed to be gorgeous, end up looking somewhere between unattractive and hideous. But the above are among the most common, and what’s more, they’re virtually unavoidable when taking the DIY route, or choosing a sub-par (so-called) vehicle wrap company.

If you want to wisely steer clear of these common vehicle wrap pitfalls – or, you’re not happy with your current vehicle wrap and want to fall and stay in love with it for many years to come -- then contact the Lucent Graphic Solutions team today. We can help.

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