Why Professional Installation is Essential for Your Car Wrap

car wrap installationThere are plenty “how to” videos and articles on the web – everything from how to unclog a slow drain in your kitchen sink, to what to do (and just as importantly, what not to do!) if a bunch of blue jacket wasps decide to set up camp in your backyard.

However, while some of this advice can indeed help you save money and time, as you’ve probably experienced – or can easily imagine – sometimes it’s far, far better for you to call in a professional and do things right the first time. And without a doubt, car wrap installation should be on top of this list.

Whether you’re wrapping your car(s) for personal or business reasons, here are three critical reasons why professional installation is an absolute must, and the DIY route will have you sending out an SOS:

1. It’s Not as Easy as You Might Think

“How hard can it really be?” are universal famous last words that countless people have uttered before making a wholly regrettable decision. Trying to install a car wrap on your own definitely applies.

Regardless of what you read or see on the web – or what your “car buff” neighbor, colleague or relative says – installing a wrap properly is meticulous, painstaking work that is handled by experienced and trained specialists for good reason. For example, are you aware that it’s much harder to install a matte white vinyl car wrap than a printed design wrap? If this is news to you, then it’s all you need to know to decide that this isn’t a task you should handle on your own.

2. You Don’t Have the Right Facility

Are you planning on installing a car wrap in your driveway or garage? Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a mechanic friend who has offered to let you install your car wrap in their shop. Well, as generous as that offer is, unfortunately it’s going to backfire -- because it’s not going to be the right facility.

To properly install your car wrap, you need to have a special climate-controlled facility that is dust-free. And we’re not talking about doing some vacuum cleaning or getting out the Pledge spray. We’re talking industrial-grade cleanliness, because even the smallest dust particles will bond to your car wrap and leave unsightly bubbles (think of it like applying your car wrap on sand) that will never, ever go away.

3. There’s a Post-Installation Phase

If you think that a car wrap installation is over when the vinyl is applied to your vehicle – think again! There’s a separate post-installation phase that includes using a heat-gun (not a blow torch!) to painstakingly go over curved and recess areas of the wrap. Careful attention must also be paid to temperature, since printed media needs more heat than solid color wrap.

And that’s just the start! Because you also need to ensure that the PVC memory holds its shape and doesn’t shrink (which it invariably will if you don’t proactively prevent it from doing so). Plus, you need to trim the car wrap with surgical precision to ensure that it doesn’t start flapping in the wind. If all of this sounds like a lot of work that will take hours and hours…you’re right. What’s more, even after you spend that time, there’s a 99.99% chance your car wrap will look flawed, and won’t last as long as it should. It’s all risk, no reward.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a proud DIY-er who laughs with confidence where mere mortals fear to tread, then more power to you. We’re sure that you have plenty of success stories, whether it’s changing your own oil, fixing a rattling washing machine, and so on.

However, when it comes to installing a car wrap, do yourself -- and your budget -- a huge favor: contact the Lucent Graphic Solutions team today. We have the experts, facility and proven experience and results (check out our gallery) to ensure your car wrap exceeds your expectations – rather than fails to live up to them.

Heck, you can even tell your family and friends that you did it yourself and take all the credit. We don’t mind, and your secret is safe with us!

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