3 Reasons Why a Car Wrap Can Make a Company Seem More Established

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It’s something of a paradox: customers typically love new products and services, and can’t
wait to get their hands on the latest this, or leading-edge that. But when it comes to choosing one business over another, they also tend to lean towards more established
operations — simply because they want to make a safe buying decision, and businesses that have been around for a few years (or decades) can convey the message that “we must know what we’re doing because we’re still here!”

The good news is that you don’t need to play the waiting game for your business to mature — especially since you want and need more customers now; not years into the future. Instead, you can have a car wrap professionally installed on your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles), in order to give your business a more established look and feel. Here are the 3 key reasons why:

1. You’ll be Unique and Stand Out

Although car wraps are increasing in popularity, the fact remains that they’re still relatively rare on the road compared to conventional mobile advertising, such as bus/taxi ads and billboards. Installing a car wrap will help your business stand out from the crowd and get remembered, which can definitely tip the scales in your favor when a customer is shopping for products and services. As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing!”

2. You’ll be All Over the Place

The core advantage that car wraps have over all other forms of mobile advertising is that you can move your vehicle — and therefore, your ad — to wherever you wish. This can make your business look far larger than it is, plus it helps keep your brand top-of-mind by targeting the same geographic area at specific times (think of how TV and radio commercials use repetition to create awareness, which culminates in more customers).

3. You Can “Piggy Back” on More Established Brands

Parking your wrapped vehicle next in a strategic location can help you “piggy back” on more established, well-known brands. For example, if your business caters to college students, then having your car parked near a popular and established fast food spot (e.g. McDonald’s) can subconsciously generate some credibility by association — especially since your future customers will be in a good mood when they see your wrap, and learn about your brand and company.

The Bottom Line

Being the “new business on the block” has some advantages — but if you’re getting overshadowed by more established competitors, it can be a major obstacle as well. Car wraps are an excellent way to make your brand more sophisticated and visible, and put you on-track for long term success.

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