Oregon Ducks, Ohio State Buckeyes Head to NCAA Championships in Vinyl-Wrapped Buses

For any college football team that heads off to the NCAA championships, getting there usually means one long bus ride. For the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes, the two teams that faced off at the NCAA football championship game last month, the players' bus rides to Arlington, TX would be a little more stylish.

According to a January 10 HutchNews.com article, the two teams' buses were wrapped in vehicle wrap graphics, with each team arriving at the game in a fleet of five similarly-wrapped buses.

But because no one knew who would move on to the NCAA championship game until after the Rose and Sugar bowls, these vinyl vehicle wraps had to be produced on an incredibly strict timeline -- with production, shipping and application all taking place in a 24-hour span.

To pull this off, the custom car wraps maker had to design vehicle wrap graphics for all four possible teams in the game -- Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State and Alabama. Within 30 minutes of learning the Ducks had won the Rose Bowl, their bus wraps were on the presses, with the Buckeyes' wraps going into production a few hours later, HutchNews.com reports.

To make the two teams' bus wraps, 5,000 feet of translucent window film and 90 54-inch vinyl panels were printed. The translucent window panels are typically required for safety reasons. Because vinyl vehicle wraps are easily-removable and do no damage to the vehicle's original paint job, the wraps were able to be taken off the day after the game.

The purpose of these bus wraps was twofold -- it didn't just make the Ducks and the Buckeyes able to travel in style, but it also boosted their brand awareness significantly wherever they drove. The average car wrap can be viewed as much as 30,000 to 70,000 times in just one day, and an amazing 91% of a car wrap's target audience will ultimately respond to these graphics.

What are your thoughts on this story? Why else is it good for college sports teams to deck their buses out in vehicle wrap graphics? Share what's on your mind with us in the comments below.

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