4 Simple ways you can improve foot traffic:

4 Solutions For Getting That Extra Foot Traffic

In today's attention driven economy it's really important to stand out. Making sure those customers passing by stop and make it into your retail location can pose as to be quite difficult. With a little work, you can get them into your store to make a purchase. Try some of these solutions to help get the added foot traffic you desire.

1. Window Graphics

You might have your logo on the front windows, and that might be okay for your brand. On the other hand, graphics that stand out and pop attract attention to your store. Taking the time to add vinyl window graphics (i.e 20% off sale) or styled designs based on your brand can make a difference. Vinyl graphics can be removed very easily too once your sale is done, or when you are looking to refresh the look and use new decals.

2. Signs and Banners

If your retail location doesn't have window space for decals or graphics, banners and signs can help. Placing an A-Frame sign or hanging a banner is a great way to bring in the customers. Banners are also amazing. A proper vibrant banner can grab attention from potential customers and foot traffic from a much larger distance away from your store front.


3. Wall Graphics

wall wrap, wall mural, wall decal

Wall graphic storefronts tell a story of your brand throughout your retail store. Brightly colored graphics and cartoony images speak well for a children's clothing store. All while these graphics attract both parents and their kids. Looking for a more upscale crowd? Sleek and sharp-edged graphics can attract the more sophisticated customers you seek.

4. Photo Ops

This could be put under with Wall Graphics too, but we thought it needed its section. Adding a wall graphic that people want to take a photo with does wonder for business! Great for them, and more importantly good for the brand. Foodies love these, but any retail store can make use of them. A photo op wall graphic helps get you exposure. Think about it, if a customer takes a photo for Instagram and then they tag your store that's a free promotion and it's all from adding a little graphics to your wall.

Here at Lucent Graphics Solutions, we can supply all your wall windows and graphic solutions for all the listed applications. Please feel free to reach out and ask how we can help your retail store succeed.