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Exterior Wall Wrap

For businesses planning to display their brand on textured surfaces like brick, stucco, or concrete, exterior wall wraps are the perfect solution. With Lucent Graphic Solutions wall wraps, there are no surface limitations. We leverage the premier products on the market and have the expertise to select the right material for a given surface.

Promote your brand or change the atmosphere of any room

We design, produce, and install striking images in any shape and form on your walls. Whether they’re at malls, retail stores, buildings, exhibits, office spaces, conference rooms, reception areas or your home, our service improves brand recognition and aesthetics.


Lucent Graphic Solutions’s Wall Wraps help you:

  • Showcase your logo - brand your space by highlighting your company’s logo in a mural wallpaper
  • Advertise new products or services - utilize unused wall space to announce your new products and services
  • Educate with informational displays - promote your products and services by displaying information on the wall
  • Create a dramatic view - if your office space lacks windows, you can create your own view with images of a city or landscape
  • Design your getaway - use peaceful, high resolution beach or forest images to create a calm atmosphere in your office
  • Inspire people with quotes - put words of wisdom on a wall to inspire your employees and prospects
  • Decorate the walls of your home - use custom images or designs to transform any wall in your house

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