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Protect your fleet graphics with our Customized Wash Services

Our mobile wash and maintenance services are specifically designed for graphic wraps and decals
to ensure longevity of your fleet’s graphics.

Keep your vehicle
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Vehicle graphics are a major investment for any business, may it be one vehicle or hundreds in your fleet. To keep your vehicle graphics looking presentable and to improve the longevity of the graphics they need regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection.

Lucent Graphic Solutions has over 16 years experience designing, printing, and installing customized commercial wraps for vehicles of all sizes. During this period we have perfected the art of wrap maintenance. Here a few reason why choose LGS for your commercial fleet graphic wash and maintenance:

  • In most cases we use Touch-Less wash system with specific products. A touch-less wash combined with Air-Drying prevents damage to the graphics during the wipe down drying process.
  • We will provide you with a monthly report on the condition of your graphics. This is crucial information which will allow to remove or replace damaged graphics before they cause permanent damage to your vehicle or become too costly to remove.
  • We use Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly, Sugar Based washing solution to protect our fragile environment and our unique coastal waters. Standard products used by most mobile wash services are too harsh and abrasive on graphics.
  • We use specific and unique washing equipment with low PSI electric pressure washer to ensure there is no damage to the graphics or die-cut decals during the wash. Most mobile wash services use high PSI gas powered pressure washers which can cause major damage to wrap and decals.
  • We’re experienced: We’ve been in the business for over 16 years, and have cleaned and maintained thousands of car wraps. So, you can rest assured that your vehicle wrap is in good hands.
  • We’re professional: We take our job seriously and will treat your car with the utmost care.
  • We’re affordable: We offer competitive rates and will work with you to create a package that fits your budget
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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Clean

Not only does regular cleaning help to keep your vehicle wrap looking its best, but it also
protects the vinyl from premature aging. Here are a few reasons why:

  • UV rays can cause damage to the graphics: when the vinyl heats up, it expands allowing dirt and debris to enter the laminate and once the temperature drops the vinyl shrinks trapping all the dirt and debris. This reduced the longevity of the vinyl by affecting its UV protection properties.
  • Dirt and debris can cause the vinyl to become damaged: If left unchecked, dirt and debris can actually cause physical damage to the vinyl surface. This is because they can act as abrasives, scratching and dulling the finish. Regular cleaning will help to remove these foreign objects before they can do any damage.
  • Car wraps are an investment: Just like anything else, you want to get the most out of your investment. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to extend the life of your vehicle wrap and will keep it looking great for years to come.
  • It’s important to keep your car wrap looking its best: A clean and well-maintained car wrap will make a good impression on potential customers and will help to promote your business in a positive light.