Paint Protection Films and Ceramic Coatings

Save your original paint. Protect the value of your car.

Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating are the best ways to protect the original paint and wrap of your car

Paint Protection Films

Your vehicle's factory paint is the most valuable part of your car.  Regardless of brand or quality of the paint, protecting your paint is the most important thing you can do to protect your investment.  The best time to apply a Paint Protection Film is when the vehicle is brand new.  The longer you wait the higher the chance of road damage to your original paint.  At LGS we use the highest quality Paint Protection Films available combined with expert installation.

The most popular PPF packages offered are: Full Front End, Full Front End & Side Skirts and Full Coverage.



Ceramic Coatings

22ple is a world-renowned ceramic coating.  22ple is known for its innovative high silica-content glass coatings that can be applied to your paint, metal, wheels, and plastic trim pieces.  Available for paint and vinyl wrap, 22ple adds an extra level of protection and longevity to your paint or wrap.  Ask us for more details.