Accent Car Wraps

A great alternative to full car wraps

We make your car unique even if you’re on a budget

Our Accent Car Wraps service provides you with:

  • A variety of wrapping style, such as roof wraps, hood wraps, chrome trim wraps, and much more
  • A wide range of vinyls and vinyl combinations for you to choose from, including solid color vinyl or exotic
  • vinyls such as matte, carbon fibre, chrome, brushed steel, gloss, velvet, metallic, and more

  • The best vinyl available in the market, including 3M and Avery Dennison
  • Seamless wrap finishes on almost any car, including exotics
  • Intricate designs with tight curves and corners with our use of KnifeLess Tape™

Have questions about vehicle wraps? Our FAQ page has the answers.

Need inspirations? Visit our Gallery page.

Accent Car Wraps Irvine