The Many Advantages Of Window Wraps For Your Business

How many times have you caught yourself saying “I didn’t know that shop even existed”? Now imagine the number of times others have said the same for your business. Owing to the insane growth and rapid introduction of new businesses in the market, it becomes pretty easy for bland and boring shops to go unnoticed and lose sales.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics have been enjoying a great level of popularity as the new advertising medium.  A floor was never considered a feasible location to place an advertisement but that is no longer the case.

Over the past few years the adhesive technology in vinyl have advanced dramatically.

3 Reasons Why a Car Wrap Can Make a Company Seem More Established

It’s something of a paradox: customers typically love new products and services, and can’t
wait to get their hands on the latest this, or leading-edge that. But when it comes to choosing one business over another, they also tend to lean towards more established
operations — simply because they want to make a safe buying decision, and businesses that have been around for a few years (or decades) can convey the message that “we must know what we’re doing because we’re still here!”

The good news is that you don’t need to play the waiting game for your business to mature — especially since you want and need more customers now; not years into the future.

4 Reasons Why a Car Wrap is Better Than a Paint Job

Here at Lucent Graphic Solutions, one of the most frequent questions we get is whether a car wrap is better than a paint job (or vice versa). Ultimately, it comes down to an individual’s personal preference — and their budget.

However, with this being said, we can highlight 4 key reasons why many customers who research car wraps vs.

Leading Causes of Ugly Vehicle Wraps

At Lucent Graphic Solutions, we simply love beautiful vehicle wraps – the look, the feel, the quality, the attention to detail…everything!

And that’s why it breaks our hearts when we’re on the road, and spot what can only be described as an ugly vehicle wrap.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Wrap Advertising Design

Whether your business is 100% online, “brick and mortar,” or a mix of both, the fact is that vehicle wrap advertising is a remarkably cost-effective way to reach your target market -- and ultimately, generate inquiries, sales and loyal fans.

However, just as with any other adverting and marketing method, there are best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

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The 4 Bottom-Line Advantages of Fleet Wraps


Whether you lead a small business with a virtual footprint, or have multiple locations across the state or country, the fact remains that your advertising and marketing budget must deliver ROI. That is where fleet wraps makes clear bottom-line sense, and below we highlight the 4 key reasons why:
Fleet Wraps Advantage #1: They WORK!
Naturally, the most important question that business decision-makers must ask of any prospective advertising and marketing investment is: will this work? When it comes to fleet wraps, the answer is a definitive YES. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps (including fleet wraps) provide the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising, and a single wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions.

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