Vehicle Wraps FAQ

All the answers you need about vehicle wraps

Can I choose to wrap only part of my vehicle?



Yes, you may wish to have a partial wrap, for example, across the back doors and sides of the vehicle. There are countless ways to transform your car within your budget. We can use cut vinyl graphics as well as digitally printed images to meet your desired aesthetics. Some people choose to have just cut vinyl logos and text. Our wide color range of cut vinyls means that in most cases, you can match the newly printed colors with the current ones without having to print everything.

How much does vehicle wrap cost?



Vehicle wraps start as little as $750 depending on the vehicle and how much of it you wish to wrap. You may wish to wrap your entire vehicle, including the roof, bumpers and windows, or you may wish to have a partial wrap, which costs less.

Will vehicle wrap damage the paint of the car?



Vehicle wrapping will not damage your vehicle. However, it’s best for us to check your vehicle’s paintwork before starting the process in case the paintwork is not in great condition.

How long will a car wrap last for?



This depends on the option you choose. If you’d like single colors rather than a full-color print, this can last up to eight years. If you go for the more popular full-color digital print, it will last up to five years.

Is a car wrap easy to remove?



Yes, the vehicle wrap is easy to remove. Many vehicle wrap products in the market won’t be removed easily and will come off in tiny pieces, sometimes damaging the vehicle’s paintwork. Our high-quality vehicle wrapping films can be removed easily and fully -- without any leftovers.

How long will it take to wrap my car?



It’ll take from two to five days, depending on the size of your car. Before the wrapping starts, we need to have the vehicle in an enclosed premises the night before so that the vehicle is completely dry and relatively warm.

Can you install a car wrap at my location?



Yes, we can do on-site installation for vehicles that won’t fit in our facility as long as the place is covered and at the right temperature. The warranties that we offer are dependent on the proper facilities used. Therefore, it’s essential that we are installing the vehicle wraps in an enclosed and preferably dust-free environment. Our facility is conveniently located in Costa Mesa, with easy access from the 405 Freeway.

Are door jams included in the full color change wrap service?



No, unless requested by the customer. A full color change wrap does not include door jams. As long as the original color of the vehicle doesn’t show from the outside while the doors are shut, then that’s a wrap. Wrapping of the door jams is a very tedious and time-consuming process, so additional fees are applied for this service.

Can you wrap the front driver and passenger windows?



No, the law prohibits wrapping on driver and passenger windows, as well as on the windscreen.

Can the chrome and fiberglass parts of a car be wrapped ?



Painted plastic bumpers and carbon fiber parts can be wrapped without any problems. However, vinyl is not recommended on chrome or carbon fiber.

Can you wrap the roof?



Yes, you can wrap the roof. This is included in a full vehicle wrap but is not normally performed unless requested.

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