Custom Wall Graphics

Transform your office or home space with our custom wall graphics

Promote your brand or change the atmosphere of any room with our wall Graphics

We design, produce, and install striking wall graphics in any shape and form on your walls. Whether they’re at malls, retail stores, buildings, exhibits, office spaces, conference rooms, reception areas or your home, our wall graphics service improves brand recognition and aesthetics.

We cater to designers, architects and construction companies offering reliable and consistent quality and service across multiple projects.

LGS is a California State Contractor.  This makes us the best choice for all your wall graphic projects.  We are licensed and bonded, CSLB #: 1073068

Wall Coverings Partners

Lucent Graphic Solutions’s Wall Wraps help you:

  • Showcase your logo - brand your space by highlighting your company’s logo in a mural graphic
  • Advertise new products or services - utilize unused wall space to announce your new products and services
  • Educate with informational displays - promote your products and services by displaying information on the wall
  • Create a dramatic view - if your office space lacks windows, you can create your own view with images of a city or landscape
  • Design your getaway - use peaceful, high resolution beach or forest images to create a calm atmosphere in your office
  • Inspire people with quotes - put words of wisdom on a wall to inspire your employees and prospects
  • Decorate the walls of your home - use custom images or designs to transform any wall in your house


We are proud to be a trusted member of the DreamScape Print Provider Network (PPN), authorized to produce exceptional wallcoverings using their premium media.

With our expertise in wallcovering printing and commitment to quality, we offer our clients the opportunity to transform their spaces with vibrant designs and stunning visuals on DreamScape's innovative materials.  We use the most advanced UV Gel printing technology for astonishing graphics that are extremely durable and UL Greenguard Gold Certified.


Custom Wall Graphics

With our custom wall graphics service, you can promote your brand, feature your medical services, hype up school spirit, or simply enhance your home’s indoor aesthetic. We use a premium-quality printer to produce high-resolution images with either a gloss, satin, or matte finish. And to ensure durability and longevity, we use a high-quality adhesive.


Custom Wall Murals

Enhance the look of your office, lobby, conference room, retail store, or home with vibrant wall graphics. We use a high-performance 3M MCS SX Ink system to print graphics on canvas or smooth wallpaper, ensuring they last for years. These wall murals are not only thicker than vinyl, they also don’t require lamination or overlap, making their seams unnoticeable.

Exterior Wall Wraps

For businesses planning to display their brand on textured surfaces like brick, stucco, or concrete, exterior wall wraps are the perfect solution. With Lucent Graphic Solutions wall wraps, there are no surface limitations. We leverage the premier products on the market and have the expertise to select the right material for a given surface.


Wall Decals

Wall decals are perfect for anybody who wants to spruce up a wall, without needing complete coverage. You can use these to display inspirational and motivational quotes around the office to encourage your workforce. Our team can quickly design, custom print, and die cut wall decals to any shape or size, and then install them on any surface.

Barricade Wall Graphics

Barricade graphics are used by businesses to advertise their opening, days or months in advance. We specialize in providing barricade graphics for:

  • Shopping Malls – cover your storefront during remodeling, can be applied to plywood or windows
  • Construction – promotes your products and services before your big opening day

Elevator Graphics

Elevator wraps are extremely effective because they encourage consumers who are waiting for or riding an elevator to look at your bright, vibrantly produced and installed graphics. Call us today and start taking advantage of our expertise.