Floor Graphics

We help you boost brand retention with unique graphics

Leave your visitors in awe at their every step

We’ll work with you to design powerful, compelling graphics -- regular or 3D images -- to advertise your products and services on floors or stairs to spice up your events. Our graphics are printed on special material to ensure utmost durability and can be installed on any type of surface.


Floor Decals

Did you know that you can use your floors to promote products and services? Our floor decals and graphics can be used to grab your customers’ attention. They are available in all sizes, are quick to produce and install, and are perfect for temporary or special event promotions.


Dance Floor Graphics

Dance floor graphics are a fun way to spice up any event in Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer everything from full floor wraps to custom die-cut decals that enable you to effectively deliver your message directly from the dance floor.


Floor Graphics

Consumers nowadays spend most of their time looking down at their phones, which is why eye-catching floor graphics are a powerful way to sell your brand. At Lucent Graphic Solutions, our floor graphics are available in non-slip vinyl and laminate options to guarantee your customers’ safety. We install graphics on concrete, asphalt, wood, marble, and tile, and we can remove them without damaging your floor.


Interior Decor Floor Graphics

Lucent Graphic Solutions offers permanent and temporary decorative floor graphics for your home in Los Angeles and Orange County. We can turn your ordinary floor into something extraordinary with graphics custom designed to your specifications.