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Could Your Business Be Making a Grievous Mistake With its Outdoor Advertising?

These days, outdoor advertising -- from car wraps to billboards and virtually everything in between -- are becoming widely known as some of the most effective and consumer-friendly advertising strategies available.

In fact, vehicle wrap advertising alone has been statistically proven to generate a response from as much as 91% of its targeted audience, and a fleet of vehicle advertisements can help grow brand recognition up to 15 times more than other advertising techniques.

Advertise Your Business With Custom Auto Wraps

Have you ever noticed cars that are completely covered in what appears to be a business logo? If so, you've seen custom auto wraps. What are they, and how can they help your company?

Diving into the world of custom auto wraps can transform your car, van, truck or company trailer into a cost-effective mobile advertising unit.

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

Full vehicle wraps are part of the fastest growing methods of advertising. Car wraps, which are a type of vinyl graphics that literally cover your car, are gaining popularity because of the huge exposure they can get for your business. Whether your company is established or just getting off the ground, this is a great way to gain traction -- so to speak.

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Outdoor Advertising Spaces Become Exhibition Space for San Francisco Artists

San Francisco has a long, vibrant history of being a home to artists, musicians and other creative types.

The city also lies on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the tech world for the last few decades.

This has resulted in tensions arising between San Francisco's arts community and its high-tech neighbors -- and one organization is looking to quell these tensions.

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How much does a solid car wrap cost?

As you can imagine we get multiple price quote inquiries each day for solid color car wraps. It is very difficult to provide an exact quote without actually inspecting the vehicle in person. There are many factors that would determine the final price of a quote and in this article we will go over what these factors are.

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Bad Car Wraps! You Get What You Pay For!

What sets apart a good vehicle wrap versus a bad car wrap?  All car wraps look the same from distance but when you get close enough you can tell apart a quality wrap from one that it has been installed in a rush or by a un-experienced installer.

There are many factors that go into a quality car wrap such as: Surface Preparation, High Quality Materials, Experienced Installer, Facility, Post Installation and etc.

Matte Black Wrap!

What is a matte black car wrap? A car wrap is made from a special vinyl specifically designed and manufactured to be used on vehicles. Matte Black car wraps create a very unique look when applied to any vehicle.

There are many other colors for matte wraps available such as: Black, Silver, Gray, White and Green.