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The Maximum ROI for Your Advertising Dollars

Our vehicle graphics extend your brand’s voice to the highways, businesses, and neighborhoods of your customers anywhere in Orange County & Southern California

Car wraps, the best form of advertising


Vehicle wraps give your brand unbeatable exposure. Parked at high-traffic locations or driven through target neighborhoods, your message will be seen and understood by tens of thousands of potential customers, on one of the most cost-efficient advertising platforms available.

Lucent Graphic Solutions has over 13 years experience designing, printing, and installing customized commercial wraps for vehicles of all sizes. Scroll down to see our huge range of applications and how they can attract potential customers with beautiful eye-catching graphics and bold messaging. Contact us today for a consultation on your ideas or a quote on your project.


Car Wraps Orange County

As an industry pioneer, Lucent Graphic Solutions started designing, printing, and installing custom car wraps for So-Cal businesses in 2006. Since then, we have adopted the latest technologies, fine-tuned our methods, and now deliver the best quality vehicle wraps in Orange County and Los Angeles. Our skilled in-house designers also have extensive experience in sales and marketing and know what wrap designs will work for your brand and what you want to communicate. With just 4-8 seconds for a viewer to recognize and understand your message, it’s critical that you get professionals to help design your campaign. Call us today to learn more.


Truck Wraps

While one of the most common vehicles on our Southern California roads, truck bodies present a challenge to wrap designers. The graphics must be created to ensure an even flow and clear message, from the cab to the bed. The Lucent Graphic Solutions design team has a huge range of experience in crafting unique and eye-catching truck wraps that attract your customers and tell your story.


Van Wraps

Vans offer a fantastic, uninterrupted canvas for getting your message to your audience. Delivery vans are the most obvious choice for mobile graphic advertising, since they travel the most miles and are constantly on the road, but many businesses have vans in their fleet. And since vans typically get pretty beat up during their use, a Lucent Graphic Solutions van wrap is a great way to make any old van look brand new. Give us a call to see how we can get your message out in style, on any new or old van.


Fleet Wraps

Your fleet is an ambassador for your brand, so the graphics need to be appealing and maintain a unified look across a range of vehicle types. Lucent Graphic Solutions specializes in fleet graphics and we simplify the process for our customers: We will coordinate with your in-house or contracted designers and ad agencies, and with the vehicle OEM or leasing companies. We keep detailed measurement records so future wraps on repairs or new vehicles will match the fleet. And we offer just-in-time installations. Get in touch to discuss your fleet graphic needs and learn how Lucent Graphic Solutions is the right partner for your business.


Trailer Wraps

Trailers offer one of the best canvases for advertising, generating an extremely powerful impact if done correctly. With our wide-format printing capabilities, we can transform any boat, RV, motorbike, or utility trailer into a mobile showcase for your brand. Trailer wraps can be installed at our facility or on-site by our mobile install teams. Get in touch with Lucent Graphic Solutions to see how we can turn that unused trailer into your mobile promotion platform.


Box Truck Wraps

Box trucks are the largest wrapped surfaces that can travel within city zones. They offer a great opportunity for you to make a bold statement that cannot be missed. While simpler to design, the challenge of box truck wraps is the creativity required at this large scale. The Lucent Graphic Solutions design team is always looking forward to the challenge of turning a box truck into a piece of rolling art for your brand.


Food Truck Wraps

Food trucks can be seen everywhere these days, and Lucent Graphic Solutions has a huge amount of experience designing and installing wraps for entrepreneurs throughout Orange County and LA. Food trucks have unique and challenging design features like vents, sales windows, and storage openings. We can make your ideas a reality and your food truck graphics bold and beautiful. Call us today to discuss your food truck design options.