Window Graphics for Increased Profits, Stronger Brand

Window Graphics for Increased Profits, Stronger Brand


Advance your marketing strategy and raise your bottom dollar with custom window graphics from Lucent Graphic Solutions! This effective marketing technique can help you turn your commercial windows into prime advertising locations. It’s important to take a closer look at this innovative graphic solution.

Coming up, we’ll go over the purpose and benefits of window graphics, as well as demonstrate why Lucent Graphic Solutions is the top window graphics designer and installer in the Orange County and So Cal area.

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What Are Window Graphics?

Let’s start from the top: what exactly are window graphics, and what are they used for? In a nutshell, these are bright, eye-catching graphics, typically made of vinyl, that are attached to storefront windows to aid businesses in their marketing efforts. With the right window graphics provider, your business can turn a new leaf in the marketing department, as we’ll see coming up.

Benefits of Window Graphics

Having said this, it’s time to go over some more specific benefits of window graphics for your business:

  1. Increase Sales

The most obvious benefit to installing window wraps is improved business. Vinyl window graphics allow you to advertise your products and services, your logo and business hours, and other important information to make your business stand out and get people talking about your store.

  1. Improve Your Brand

The result? A stronger and more visible brand. Even if window wraps don’t have an immediate impact on your sales figures, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fortifying your overall brand visibility. Here’s how it works: every customer who walks or drives by your brand will begin to familiarize themselves with your brand image and services. Over time, this will lead to improved brand awareness that can help lead to improved sales figures.

  1. Improve Your Look

A big part of this is the improved look your business will have with high-quality window graphics. The right window wraps can have your business standing out from your competition with eye-popping colors, intriguing shapes and designs, and a more user-friendly display. This will help you stay relevant and fresh when compared to the businesses around you and could be the tactic you need to update your business into the modern age.

Why Choose Us

With all this being said, why should you choose Lucent Graphic Solutions for all your window graphics needs? Let’s take a look at the specific benefits you will get from working with us:

  1. Range of Materials

Lucent Graphic Solutions uses a range of materials, including short- and long-term 3M, Avery Dennison and Arlon vinyl material, printed with 3M SX inks, at high resolution seven attention-grabbing colors, UV laminate, and more. These materials are designed to bring you high-resolution, long-lasting window wraps for years to come. Our designs and installations come with the added benefit of UV protection so that you don’t have to worry about the strong California sun. What’s more, they are crafted using only the best vinyl and inks so that every detail shows up clearly.

  1. Local Leader

We’ve helped hundreds of So Cal businesses change the look of their businesses with quality vinyl window wrap solutions. Storefronts around Orange County are decorated with our sales-driving designs and long-lasting installations. We have the knowledge, the tools, and the drive to get your So Cal window graphics up in record time, all without sacrificing the quality that’s come to define us.

It’s not just our fellow Californians we serve, however. With nationwide shipping, we boast an expanded outreach that helps us get our products to businesses all around the country. This is just part of Lucent Graphic Solution’s commitment to offering top-of-the-line vinyl graphics to those in need.

  1. Product Diversity

Of course, we also offer terrific product diversity that ensures we have everything you need to take your windows to the next level. Let’s take a look at the window wrap services we offer for your storefront:

  • Solid Vinyl Wraps
    Solid Window Wraps

    Solid vinyl window wraps

Looking for a full-size window wrap to transform your unused window space? Lucent Graphic Solutions offers top-of-the-line solid window wraps for both short-term and long-term use. Whether you wish to advertise a new set of products or services for a small duration of time or would like a more long-term fixture, we can set you up with an attention-grabbing window graphic that will get the job done at a high level.

  • Perforated Vinyl Wraps
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    Perforated Window Graphics

We get it: sometimes you want to be able to see out while the windows are covered with graphics. With perforated vinyl wrap solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy quality, eye-catching graphics on your storefront while benefitting from the bright openness on the interior that comes with a perforated design. These window wraps are a great way to show off the graphics while allowing light in and being able to see out.

  • Window Decals
    Window Decals

    Window Decals

Lucent Graphic Solutions further offers window decals in any shape or size, including vinyl window lettering that will help you transform your glass storefront into a cute and inviting advertisement! These decals will adhere to any glass surface and can even be installed in clear vinyl.



  • Anti-Graffiti Window
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    Anti Graffiti Window Wraps


Our vinyl window wraps also come with an anti-graffiti coating that helps spray paint residue be removed with ease. Protect your investment with products that are designed to withstand criminal behavior.



  • Interior Window Wraps
    Window Wraps

    Interior Installed Window Wraps

Not licensed for storefront window graphics? We can install second surface interior window wraps on the inside of your store so that you get the same benefits without all the hassle! This method is also good for those wishing to protect their wraps from acts of vandalism.



The Bottom Line

Window graphics for your commercial storefront can help you change the face of your business, boost your brand awareness, and raise your bottom dollar. Fortunately, Lucent Graphic Solutions makes it easier than ever to install top-quality window wraps for your Orange County or So Cal business. If you need a proven leader in vinyl window graphics design and installation, make sure to contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you!

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