How much does a solid car wrap cost?

As you can imagine we get multiple price quote inquiries each day for solid color car wraps. It is very difficult to provide an exact quote without actually inspecting the vehicle in person. There are many factors that would determine the final price of a quote and in this article we will go over what these factors are.

Solid Color Wraps generally are much more labor intensive than full color wraps. The reason is that with a solid color wrap the entire vehicle has to be covered to make sure the original color of the car doesn't show, otherwise it may stick out like a sore thumb.

We try to remove as much hardware as possible to achieve a seamless and paint like finish on the wrap. However, some hardware on certain type of vehicles can not be removed without enrolling the help of professional individuals.

For example we recently wrapped an Audi Allroad in matte silver (the original color was black). The client requested a seamless wrap, which required the roof rails to be removed. However, in order to remove the roof rails the entire headliner had to be removed in order to reach the screws of the roof rails. This project went from a simple wrap to requiring a full removal of the entire interior of the car.

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We normally don't remove bumpers (unless necessary) since it's much easier to wrap the bumpers while they're on the vehicle. Taillights, door handles, emblems and side mirrors are usually easily removed, but again depending on the vehicle these parts could also result in additional labor and cost.

We always encourage our clients to stop by the shop so we can examine the vehicle in person and go over these hardware to determine the time and labor required to remove them. You may ask why this is necessary if we have already wrapped a car similar to yours! This is where it gets tricky, car manufacturers offer many different options and packages on the same model of a car, they even might switch parts around during the same production year which makes it almost impossible to guess what's actually on the car.

If you've ever walked into a dealership and asked for a part for your vehicle, the first thing they ask you is the VIN # of the car even though you know the year, make & model. The VIN # lets the dealer know exactly what parts and hardware were used on your vehicle specifically because the next day the manufacturer could have switched parts, hardware or vendors for the next run of the same exact year, make and model of your car.

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As mentioned earlier solid color wraps require a much more attention to details and take much longer to complete than a full color wrap (printed graphics). The vehicle has to go through a detailed cleaning process to make sure all dirt and debris have been removed from the entire body of the car as well as the smallest creases. The smallest amount of dirt missed could result in the failure of the wrap.

A solid color wrap must also be installed with extra care to make sure the vinyl is not over heated or over stretched as this could result in noticeable imperfections in the wrap.

The trim process of a solid color wrap requires a very experienced installer with a super steady hand. If the wrap is tucked too much it is impossible to guarantee that is fully stock to the body of the car and also it's almost impossible to clean areas that are hard to reach. The wrap needs to be trimmed just enough to cover the original paint.

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Post installation is as important as the installation and trimming of the wrap. At Lucent Wraps we do not use any type of primer (unless we notice that paint or the clear coat in certain areas is not holding up) on our wraps. Many installers use primer to ensure the wrap will stick extra hard to areas that might be vulnerable to lifting. However, using a primer does not guarantee the vinyl won't lift but it does guarantee you will be faced with a nasty residue that is almost impossible to remove when you decide to take off the wrap in the future. The primer could also potentially damage your paint or clear coat at the time of removal.

In order to avoid using a primer the installer needs to spend many hours post-heating the vinyl. The post heating process ensures that adhesive in the vinyl is activated to ensure a perfect seal and adhesion. Since this is a very time consuming process many installers and wrap shops forgo this process just to get to the next job.

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OK, Ok, you want to know the cost of a solid color wrap... I hate to tell you, but there is no straight answer to that question as the final price will be determined by the following factors:

* Make and Model of your car
* The color of your car
* The color you want your car wrapped in
* The difficulty level of removing the necessary hardware
* Any aftermarket packages or body accessories
* and finally the level of customization you request

With that said a custom wrap could start at about $11 per square foot and go up to $25+ for a chrome wrap.

So there you have it... The best thing to do when shopping for a solid color car wrap is to do your home work. You can start off by taking the time to read over our Free Wrap Info. Kit which goes over pretty much everything you need to know about car wraps. Second, visit few wrap shops and talk to the owners and the actual installer who will be working on your car. Check out their facility, view their portfolio, ask for references, ask the right questions.

You want to pick a shop that YOU feel comfortable with. The worst thing you can do is to pick a shop solely based on the price as I hope you have learned by now "You Get What You Pay For".

Good luck and happy wrapping....


  1. Do you guys ship vinyls to Sacramento area?

  2. Hi Isaiah,

    Usually unpainted body kits can not be wrapped as the vinyl requires a clear coat to properly adhere to. The cost would depend on the style of the body kit. You can email us an image of what you have and your vehicle and we will reply with a quote.

    Thank you

  3. I have a 2006 Nissan 350z with a body kit that is unpainted. How much would it cost to wrap the front and rear bumper in white, and front and rear fenders and side skirts in a shiny black?

  4. Hi Jay,

    The price difference is a few hundred dollars. The bigger the contrast between the two colors the more time consuming and difficult it is to do. The best color car to wrap is black.

  5. So your saying it’s much cheaper or easier to wrap a vehicle with the same color it came with. I’m getting a Grey 2010 Dodge Challenger and I want it wrap with the same matte silver or charcoal.

  6. That will depend the type of vehicle you have and its current paint color. For a quote please feel free to contact us.

  7. Hi Antoinette,

    You will need to look into legality of that. A local shop might be able to assist you with that.

  8. jason kirkbride

    how much would a straight up silver, or white matte wrap cost

  9. I have white 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee I want wrapped in a Dallas Cowboy design. Possible???? I live in Maryland

  10. Please call us for a quote 949-334-3533 Thank you

  11. Romellow Ward

    If i wanted to get my impala in matte black how much would it cost

  12. Please call us for a quote. Thank you

  13. I’m planning to buy a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I want it wrapped entirely in matte black.

    Other parts that are usually silver I want white, like the fog light bezels, grill,etc.

    How much would that cost?

  14. Hi Willie,

    Yes, it is possible. It will all depend on the type of finish your bumpers have. If they’re painted with a clear coat then there should be no problem wrapping them. If they’re chrome then the shop would need to run a test to make sure the vinyl will adhere properly.

    Thank you,

    Lucent Wraps Team

  15. willie outlaw

    Is it possible to chrome wrap metal bumpers from a classic vehicle?

  16. Please call us for a quote 949-334-3533 Thank you.

  17. buying a 1990 jeep wrangler for my daughter, the jeep is white and she would like to wrap it solid teal. if it would save me some money I would remove all the trim that would not get wrap. please let me know what we would be looking at $$$ thanks

  18. I’ll save you a lot of struggling bruh don’t get a subaru lmao

  19. Car wraps cost much more than 100EUR. A custom car wrap will start around 1300EUR

  20. Hi David, thank you for visiting our site.

  21. Hi Jeff, that’s a great question. All colors are pretty similar to apply, however, even colors from the same manufacturer may have different adhesive properties, which in turn makes the installation a little different.

    If you’re car is white & you’re wrapping in matte black, the installation will be a lot more difficult as you need to make sure every cut & sean is properly tucked in order to cover the original color of the car. If you’re staying within the same color theme (silver to gray, black to matte black) then the installation is a lot easier and manageable.

  22. Hi Jimmy, there are a lot of factors that go into a quality color change wrap. The quote of $3,500 you received is in the appropriate range of what a reputable and quality custom wrap shop would charge for your vehicle.

    There are many shops popping up all over that offer much lower pricing, however at the end you will get what you pay for. Make sure they’re using a top brand vinyl such as 3M or Avery Dennison (there are many Chinese manufacturers that are trying to break into the market but their vinyl quality is very poor).

    Also, download our Free Wrap Info Kit which explains step by step what it takes to install a quality custom wrap on a vehicle. That should give you enough information to ask the shop the right questions.

    Best of luck with your project.

  23. I just got a quote of 3500$ to wrap my chevy avalanche. They said the wrap would cost 2 grand and labor a grand. They also said the quality or grade would b be the best. Is that good or bad?? Or can you give me some advice.

  24. I am buying a new Audi SQ5.
    So is there a color that I should order that is easier to cover? Light over dark or the reverse? Are certain colors harder or easier to apply?
    Thanks, jeff

  25. Thanks for the info good to know


  26. is this cost Vinyl Car Wrapping under 100EUR in Essex?

  27. Hi Gary, please call our shop and I’ll be more than happy to give you the vinyl at no cost. Thank you for visiting our site & blog.

  28. Hi Frank, please call us for a quote. Thank you

  29. 02 silver volvo s80 wanted to wrap in Chrome or a all gold or matte gold

  30. I would like to buy a 3 foot square solid color wrap for the trunk on my motorcycle. Please let me know if I can

  31. Please call us for a quote. Thank you

  32. The cost of a full car wrap depends on many factors such as the vehicle, type of vinyl used and the level of customization the client requests. A full car wrap could start as low as $1,800.

  33. My wife wants an orange car. right now we’re looking to get a subaru outback, 2011-2013 model, don’t have a color picked out but she wants a burnt orange car, maybe bright orange like an….orange. was wondering about how much that’s gonna run?

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