Vehicle Wraps: Mobile Marketing for Your Bottom Dollar

Vehicle Wraps: Mobile Marketing for Your Bottom Dollar


Take it to the streets—your brand that is. With Lucent Graphic Solutions, you can boost your marketing campaign with targeted vehicle wraps that will spread your brand throughout Southern California. Expand your marketing through top-notch vehicle advertising that’s compatible with a range of vehicles!

In this piece, we’ll go over the basics of vehicle wrap advertising, including some key benefits you should be aware of, and demonstrate why Lucent Graphic Solutions should be your one-stop location for all your vehicle wrapping needs. Keep reading to find out more!


Vehicle Wraps: Mobile Marketing

What Are Vehicle Wraps?

Let’s start from the beginning: what exactly are vehicle wraps? Specifically, these are visual advertisements that are placed on the outside of your vehicle for an eye-catching and targeted mobile marketing campaign in your area. In short, they allow you to do your most important marketing straight from your car!

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Knowing this, what are the advantages of having your vehicle wrapped? Let’s take a look:

  1. Wider Audience

For businesses with a wide fleet, especially, vehicle wraps are a way to organically reach thousands of consumers in your area—in a week or less! Park your vehicle in highly trafficked areas or ride through target neighborhoods to get your brand out there in the least intrusive way.

Want to track your progress? Set up a landing page and advertise it on your wrap. This will help you gain an idea of how many impressions your new ad campaign is getting (and a better idea of your ROI).

  1. Attention Grabbing

Car wraps come with eye-catching colors and cool designs that engage potential consumers and help them concentrate on your marketing message. Stand out from other vehicles on the road and bring more awareness to your business with a quality vinyl car wrap!

  1. Cost Effective

Just as important for your business, vehicle wraps are cost-effective. When compared to those of billboards and other traditional means of local advertising, car wrap prices are exceedingly affordable, largely because they don’t come with recurring fees. Instead, this marketing method allows you to pay a flat rate, maximizing your ROI.

  1. Targeted

Vehicle wraps allow businesses to market their products in their own locality, increasing their exposure amongst their consumer bases. Instead of spending thousands of dollars marketing to the ether, a car wrap lets you pay a small fee for continuous local advertising that’s all but guaranteed to boost your brand awareness.

Why Choose Lucent Graphic Solutions?

With all this being said, why should you choose Lucent Graphic Solutions? It’s actually pretty simple: as an early pioneer of vehicle wrap advertising in Southern California, we know what it takes to get the job done right—every time. By choosing us, you’re going with a company that is:

  1. Rich in Experience

With nearly two decades of experience in designing, producing, and installing high-resolution custom vehicle wraps, Lucent Graphic Solutions is an undisputed leader in So-Cal vehicle advertising. We’ve worked with some of the region’s best brands to help diversify marketing campaigns, boost brand visibility, and help business owners craft a unified and comprehensive strategy for their brand.

Our team of expert designers and installers is ready to work with you to help you achieve your brand goals. We’ll bring our years of experience and combine them with your strategic vision to help you boost your bottom dollar. Specifically, we’ll help you create and execute winning mobile marketing campaigns at low vehicle wrap costs—a proven formula for increased profits!

  1. …And in Product Variability

It’s not just our unbeatable experience, however, that has customers all across Orange County and Southern California turning to us for their custom car wraps. Lucent Graphic Solutions offers a wide variety of different wraps to accommodate any vehicle or fleet:

  • Car Wraps—So-Cal businesses have enjoyed our top-notch car wraps since 2006. With custom services that will put your vision and brand message directly onto your vehicle, our services are guaranteed to boost your brand visibility.
  • Truck Wraps—But Lucent Graphic Solutions doesn’t stop there! We also provide high-quality truck wraps for even the trickiest of trucks.
  • Van Wraps—Have a delivery van that you want to get wrapped? We do that, too! Spread your business around on a vehicle that truly sees some miles. Our wraps are a great way to help old vans look new again (a two-in-one boost for your business!).
  • Fleet Graphic Wraps—We also specialize in fleet graphic wraps, meaning we can take care of your entire business fleet. We work with any ad agencies or contracted designers you’ve hired to bring forth a message that fits your corporate vision and keep detailed records so that we can make repairs at any time (though many of our wraps can last for nearly a decade)!
  • Trailer Wraps and More!—Lucent Graphic Solutions further provides top-notch wraps for your utility trailer, ,quality box truck, food truck, and boat wraps! We’ll work with you from production to installation (and even beyond), making us one of the most comprehensive vehicle wrapping services in your area. Still looking for more? Lucent Graphic Solutions also offers top-of-the-line vehicle graphics such as partial wraps and decals for more economical advertising, as well as color change and accent wraps for a cooler-looking ride.

Lucent Graphic Solutions has everything you need for an unbeatable mobile marketing campaign! We’ll give you the ultimate in vehicle wrap service so that you stand out from the crowd and get the most out of your advertising dollars.

The Bottom Line

Raising your bottom dollar just got easier than ever. If you’re a business in the Orange County or So-Cal area, Lucent Graphic Solutions can help you develop and execute a winning mobile marketing campaign. Our one-of-a-kind car vinyl wraps are a great way to non-intrusively get your message out there. We’ll help raise awareness of your brand through years of professional experience, top-notch customer service, and unbeatable pricing.

Ready to maximize your ROI? Our experts are always willing to help you with your mobile marketing needs. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you!  Check out our site for more information on vehicle wraps.