Car Wrap Trends For The Holiday Season

Henry Ford famously said of the Model T in 1916: “You can have it in any color you like as long as it’s black.” The choice of vehicle colors has increased enormously since then and the advent of a ‘car wrap‘ has helped consumers to quickly and easily change the color of their prized 4 wheel possessions to a shade of their choosing without making it a permanent feature.

In its simplest form a car wrap involves completely covering external paintwork with a specially manufactured vinyl film that effectively ‘wraps’ the car. The car wrap can be removed at any time, returning the car to its original color and costs a lot less than a good quality re-spray. The vinyl film also protects the car from stone chips and scratches – a real bonus when it comes to selling the car.

But if you are thinking of giving your loved one’s car the ultimate in gift-wrapping this Christmas then what are the most popular colors?

To help you make a choice, Lucent Ads, Southern California’s leading vinyl transformation company has compiled a table based on the most popular customer choices and have confirmed that the top 5 car wrap colors in 2011 have been:

Gloss White Car Wrap


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This looks simply stunning and is particularly attractive to high-end vehicle drivers. Using advanced wrapping films, you can take any base shade and completely cover it without any of the original color showing through.

Matte Black (The Stealth Look) Car Wrap

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The demand for the Matte Black look began with the Stealth fighter, a symbol of raw, unconstrained and untouchable power. Many high-end cars replicate the aerodynamic features and styles used in aviation designs and wrapping a car in Matte Black cuts back reflected light and provides a deep, smooth stealth look.

Matte Colors Car Wrap

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Whilst Matte Black is the joint most popular color, car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini have started to include matt colors in their paintwork ranges. The reason for this is that the matte colors help to show off the lines of the vehicle to much better effect than gloss. It was for this reason that BMW launched their new M3 in a ‘Frozen Grey’ color option.

Leading vinyl manufacturers such as Avery Dennison and 3M have responded to the surge in demand for other matte shades by bringing out advanced matt laminates that can be applied to any of their extensive range of car wrap color change products. Each company now offers more than 100 shades as standard, which should be enough to satisfy most customers.

Chrome Car Wrap

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A look that is definitely not for the faint hearted as it screams “Look at Me!!”. Apart from being the most blinging way to transform a vehicle into a Christmas tree bauble look-a-like, chrome car wraps are the ultimate challenge for any car wrapping company and a real most impossible to achieve. It is only the absolute cream of the wrap companies who can achieve this transformation as the material is completely unforgiving and requires the highest level of application skills.

The car wrap trends this year have pretty much stayed the same as in 2010 with the demand for Gloss White and Matte Black being by far and away the most popular shades. However, it is interesting to see that more and more people are experimenting with matte colors in order to transform their car into something that is completely unique and personal to them.

The possibilities are enormous as there is already a huge choice of standard colors available from the vinyl manufacturers and companies such as Lucent Ads have the ability and expertise to color-match to loved-ones desired shade. But the great thing about car wrapping is that if your aspirations change (or your loved one absolutely hates the color you have chosen for them), you can just take the car wrap off and start again.”

Prices for a high quality car wrap start at $2000.

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