Car Wrap – Aston Martin DB9 Wrapped in Matte Black!

It appears that has performed the first Matte Black Wrap of an Aston Martin DB9 in Southern California.

High-end vehicle owners in Southern California seem to have a very difficult time finding the right car wrap shop that can perform the installation in a professional manner.  The majority of the shops offering car wraps do not employ or have a certified installer on their staff.  Instead they rely on freelance and independent installers to perform the work.

The DB9 presented a challenge in terms of its unique and excessive body contours.  The vehicle has oversized curves both on the rear & front fenders.

The real challenge was not to simply wrap these curves but to do so in a seamless manner without using any Primer-94 and without over stretching the material.

Lucent Graphic Solutions Avery Dennison Certified Installer Edmund achieved this goal by making sure the vinyl was placed in the correct position from the start to avoid any excess down the line.

The client also requested that the entire surface of the vehicle including the door jams, inside of the trunk panels and even the very unique door handles to be wrapped in matte black so there was no evidence of the vehicle's original silver color.

The finished work was a complete master-piece in terms of quality and craftsmanship proving once again that Lucent Graphic Solutions is truly the premier custom car wrap shop in Southern California.

To request information about matte black car wraps or any other vehicle color change wrap please contact or call us at 877-582-3680

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