Gloss White Car Wrap for Aktion Magazine’s Official Off Road Vehicle!

Recently Aktion Magazine approached us with a request to turn its Toyota FJ Cruiser into an eye-catching and effective Car Wrap with Custom Vehicle Graphics.

Aktion Magazine is a seasonal outdoor adventure magazine based in Southern California. They are dedicated to bringing outdoor news, reviews, and more to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. They cover everything outdoors from off-roading, rock climbing to kayaking, camping and snow activities. AKTION Magazine writes reviews on new and current products and keeps you up to date with local and major events.

After learning more about Aktion Magazine and its goal to improve our world around us by supporting local conservation projects, promoting low environmental impact ways to enjoy our world, and practicing tread lightly techniques we couldn't wait to team-up and support their movement.

So we did what we do best, turning regular boring looking cars into eye-catching master pieces.

We started off with a beat-up, scratched-up silver 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser and wrapped it with Avery Dennison's Gloss White vinyl.  To give it a unique look we used 3M 1080 Matte Black vinyl for the die-cut lettering.

The finished work looked like OEM Factory paint with painted on lettering.  We are excited to see the growth and success of Aktion Magazine.

Keep an eye out for the Aktion Magazine’s vehicle at all major outdoor events and let us know if we can turn your idea into reality.

Call 877-582-3680 or email us [email protected] to receive your custom vehicle graphic

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