The next big thing in Vehicle Customization: Car Wraps

Since the inception of the automobile proud car owners have been customizing their prized possessions to display their own uniqueness as well as their fondness for their cars.  The trend of automotive customization has taken numerous steps throughout the years with recent favorites that have included custom wheels, custom paint jobs and altered profiles.  Those trends have had their time in the spotlight and, though still popular, improvements in technology have led to a new innovation for car enthusiasts yearning for a fresh method.  The next big thing in vehicle customization is upon us, custom designed car wraps.

Custom car wraps have been popular in European countries for many years but are just now catching on domestically.  Also known as vehicle graphics, they offer a number of characteristics not previously available through hand-designed paint jobs.  First and foremost, the uniqueness in design that many enthusiasts have sought is now even more adaptable through graphic design software used to initially create innovative color schemes and graphics.  As opposed to paint routines left in the hands of the individual applicator, car wraps can be designed by nearly any graphic design professional or even a skilled amateur.  Those designs are then transferred to an adhesive vinyl medium and applied to an automobile by skilled professionals.  This process allows the car owner more influence in the process as well as a wider array of design options through the myriad of available graphic designers.  Following the design process the owner can review final concept drawings for approval before application, saving any costly touch-ups paint jobs might require or, worse, a car owner unhappy with the final product.

Another intriguing facet of custom car wrap designs is the ability to flawlessly repeat patterns or shapes within a graphic depiction, even over uneven surfaces or around the corners of a car or truck.  For years auto enthusiasts have sought this capability within painted concepts with little control over the quality of the final product.  But the custom graphics capabilities brought to life by vinyl car wraps and the associated computerized design process have finally made it a reality.  Those eye-catching webbed designs and geometrically inspired visions are now within reach for anyone with the imagination to create them.

Vinyl car wraps offer a number of other benefits to those wishing to truly customize their cars.  Those include:

  • Protection of the factory paint underneath the car wrap against harsh weathering and other element.  The vinyl acts as a barrier, offering enhanced longevity.
  • Car wrap graphics can be placed on windows using perforated materials, providing continuation of the designs on the body of the car.
  • Alternative textures are available through the use of specialty films.  There are also films designed for differing usage including race cars and extended life cycle.
  • Car wrap films can be easily removed if an owner decides the car will be easier to sell with factory paint, has short-term usage needs, or just wants to add a new vehicle graphic.

Car wraps have taken their seat as the newest and most innovative design element available to car enthusiasts aspiring to add detail and flare that was previously unavailable.  Through the versatility of design and the flexibility of application any car owner can easily implement their dreams of a truly unique look to their favorite automobile.

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