Dance Floor Graphic Wraps

Custom Floor Graphic Wrap

Dance Floor Graphic Wraps have been around for sometime now and are gaining great popularity.  They allow event coordinators to take their creativity to the next level by utilizing surfaces that were unused and ignored in the past and creating the WOW Factor.

Our most recent floor wrap project took place in Beverly Hills, CA at a large private party.  Baker Party Rentals our long-term partner supplied the dance floor.  The event coordinator has had this idea of printing the party invitation in a 12' x 12' size & installing it on the dance floor.

There were several challenges that came with the project:  the graphics had to not only look amazing and sharp but the material used had to be safe and non-slip for the guest to safely dance and walk on it.  Also, the removal of the floor graphics couldn't damage the expensive dance floor panels.

After some research we decided on the best material to use that not only performed amazingly but also were within the budget we were given.

The final results were well above and beyond our client's expectations.

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  1. Please call us for pricing. There are non-slip options available that will not be damaged with shoes or heels.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    Could you please tell me the price for a vinyl wrap for a 20ft x 20ft dance floor?

    Also, does is this vinyl non slip and would it start peeling with shoes and heels?


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