What is Clear Bra for Cars and How Does it Compare to Car Wraps?

The clear bra that we'll be discussing here is not a product from Victoria's Secret but rather a clear paint protection film that first hit the market in late 90's early 2000.

3M the first manufacturer of Clear Bra initially developed the product to guard the leading edges of military helicopter blades from debris but since has refined and repackaged the material for OEM or aftermarket paint protection.

Currently there are several different manufacturers offering the clear protection film such as: 3M, Clear Bra, XPEL and many more.

Every manufacturer claims that their product is the best, but that is a matter for another blog discussion.  Clear Bra has been gaining great popularity as an alternative to paint.  The front-end, hood & mirrors of a car are constantly attacked by road debris.  At high speeds the flying debris can seriously damage the car's original paint & even body.

Clear Bra is offered in different thicknesses and when applied correctly will protect and preserve the original paint of the car.  Unlike the leather or vinyl bras that had to be attached to the front of the car which protected the area they covered really well, actually too well, because upon removal the covered area would have a much brighter finish since it never saw the sun, clear bra allows for an even fade of the paint.

In the early stages the Clear Bras offered would turn yellow after a long-term exposure to the sun.  The newer products have resolved this issue making your investment last much longer.  The new lineup of Clear Bras are even self-healing which means they will go back to their original shape after taking a hit from debris.

Now lets talk about the cost.  There are several different packages offered and the cost goes up the more surface is covered.  For example a Starter Package which will cover the front Bumper, head & fog light will cost around $750 installed.  Standard package which covers the compete bumper, partial hood, partial fenders and mirrors will cost about $910.  The cost is relatively low when compared to the cost of painting these areas.

Now you ask what is the difference between a Clear Bra and Car Wrap?  Well, both materials are vinyl & both will protect the paint of your car. But lets break this down a bid more:

*  A solid color Car Wrap is intended to cover the entire car surface and therefore has to be much thinner to handle the curves of the car.  As a result it is not as thick as a Clear Bra film and won't protect the car from the extra large flying rocks.

*  Clear Bra comes in well only Clear film, whereas Car Wrap films come in over 90 different colors.

*  Clear Bra is more expensive than Car Wrap.  To fully cover a vehicle in Clear Bra will cost twice as much as a wrap.  Clear Bra film is not designed to cover the entire vehicle but rather placed strategically throughout the car.

At the end the Clear Bra is a great option if you own your vehicle and want to preserve and protect your paint from every day road debris.  Just like a car wrap the clear bra will protect your investment and ensure a higher resale value.

At Lucent Ads we offer Full and Partial Car Wraps as well as Clear Bra, giving you the best of both worlds.  Call or email us today for a FREE Quote: 877-582-3680 - [email protected]

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