2012 SEMA Show Car Wraps

SEMA show Las Vegas brings out the best in the automotive specialty products. This year the show was even more exciting for us to visit because many of the attendees choose to use custom car wraps to make their display vehicles look unique and exciting.

Lucent Graphic Solutions was commissioned by MV Designz to wrap a very unique Toyota Prius V which was named one of the Top 5 Most Interesting Toyotas at SEMA by Motor Trend Magazine.

This project was specially challenging for us because we had to install the wrap while working around MV Designz's crew at their location.  We prefer to install all wraps at our shop because we an control the environment in which we work in.  Regardless of what we like sometimes we have to go outside our comfort zone to get the job done.

While at SEMA we saw many great custom car wraps but also many wraps that we couldn't believe passed the QC for show of SEMA's caliber.  Unfortunately we see this on daily basis, car wraps that look good from a distance but when at close are of terrible quality.

Our goal here at Lucent Graphic Solutions is to make sure every wrap looks as close as to an actual paint job as possible.  This obsession for perfection comes with a challenge: to educate our customers the difference between a car wrap that will look amazing and last for a long time and one that is done much cheaper, looks just "OK" and won't last long.

Car Wraps are gaining major popularity and  print shops all over are popping up offering car wraps.  Make sure you visit a reputable shop with a great portfolio, a staffed and certified installer, a facility designed for wraps, great customer service and is ready to stand behind their work.

We like to use this example to explain the difference between a print shop and a wrap shop: Print shops are like your family doctor whom you will visit for the most of your illnesses, however if you need an open bypass surgery you'll make sure you see a specialist and that is what a true wrap shop is, a specialist in a very niche product.

And even then, not every wrap shop is created equally.  There are many ways to cut corners while installing a wrap and the most common one is using less expensive, less durable, non brand name, non warranty products.  At Lucent Graphic Solutions we only use 3M and Avery.  We will also clearly state the product's serial number that was used on your vehicle on the invoice.  This way you can rest assure that we're using exactly what we're telling we are.

Getting back to SEMA, we are very happy to see that custom car wraps are becoming the choice of high-end aftermarket companies for their show cars.  However, we would also like to see better quality wraps and that is why we try so hard to educate our client's and followers about car wraps.

if you need more information to help with your decision making process don't hesitate to call or email us.  Click on the link below to download our Free Car Wrap Kit and to view the document "Why Choose Lucent Graphic Solutions for your project?".

Thank you,

Lucent Graphic Solutions Team

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