Hummer H3 Matte Black Car Wrap

On January 2010 GM announced that it will stop production of the Hummer brand.  Even though Hummer SUVs are not longer produced they remain very popular and sought after among the off road community.  Since the newest Hummer in the market is 3 years old the exterior condition of the these vehicles is starting to deteriorate.

What a better way to protect and re-new the look of this amazing off-road vehicle with a custom and affordable wrap job.

In our most recent project we took a 2008 Hummer H3 in Black & wrapped it in 3M 1080 Matte Black.  Although there were few challenges along the way, such as the deeply curved fender covers (which we removed to achieve a perfect wrap) the final result gave the vehicle a new lease on life.

Our client started with the idea to wrap the H3 in Desert Camouflage pattern but came to realization his wife wouldn't drive a camo wrapped vehicle, so he settled for the next best thing "Matte Black car wrap".  He plans to take the vehicle on off-road and hunting trips on regular bases.

A car wrap ads a great protection to the vehicle however is not rock or thick tree branch proof, so I'm sure we'll see this vehicle back in our shop for wrap repairs or replacement of a wrapped panel... Stay tuned.

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