Custom Bling Car Wraps!

Using Car Wrap Vinyl to Bling Your Ride

It's our business to create unique and one of a kind custom looks for our client's cars.  After all we offer over 80 different colors to choose from and using multiple colors offers a limitless customization options.

However, our most recent project forced us to think even more outside the box to create what our client requested.  We started off with a black Mercedes Benz GL and were asked to use a custom sparkle pink color to add racing stripes, wrap all the window and door trims and use pink Swarovski Cyrstals to decorate all the emblems.

The biggest challenge we had was to find a sparkle pink wrap vinyl that was designed for vehicle wraps and had an outdoor rating of five years.  We also decided to wrap all the remaining trims in gloss black wrap to match the color of the car.

We placed two 6" racing stripes across the vehicle (including the roof), wrapped all the window & door trims in custom sparkle pink and had all the emblems customized in pink Swarovski crystals.

To create and install the graphics took one day and the emblem customization was outsourced to a very reputable vendor.  The window and door trims were installed without the need to remove any of the hardware and risking damage to the vehicle.

The final outcome exceeded our client's expectations and added another unique project to our growing portfolio.

If you or your loved one has thought about customizing their car please give us a call you'll be surprised at what we're capable of doing...


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  2. Hi Adam,

    I have no idea as we have never done such a thing. I know of our oversees colleagues that have applied crystals to the body of the vehicle but to the wheels, I am not sure. I would guess you could but not sure how well they will hold up since wheels spin at a high rate, effecting the adhesive not to mention the contact with road debris.

    Good luck.

    Lucent Wraps Team

  3. Can you put Swarovski crystal on wheels?

  4. Hi Denise, there is no crystal car wrap. There is Glitter vinyl but no crystal. What you’re referring to is actually individual crystals glued to the car which is extremely expensive.

  5. Can you please let me know if you can do a car wrap of crystals to the whole car, I have a Porche.

    Very Very interested…

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