Sprinter Vans and Nissan NV Wraps

As one of the most popular cargo & passenger vans in the U.S. Sprinter and the Nissan NV vans offer an excellent surface area for their owners to advertises their business, products and services to their target audience.

With this great advantage also comes a great challenge, Sprinter Vans and the Nissan NV vans are extremely difficult to apply graphic wraps to. They have one of the most deeply recessed surface in the market. Great level of expertise and experience is required to properly wrap either one of these vans.

Watch our Nissan NV Wrap for Rip Curl & NV6

There are few super important factors that need to be considered when wrapping a Sprinter or NV van:

1) Choosing the right material combination (vinyl and laminate):
Currently there are only two digital media manufacturers Avery and 3M that offer a specific vinyl and laminate kit (please keep in mind that simply using an Avery or 3M product doesn't mean anything as both of these mfg. offer many different products ranging in price and quality) that can handle these deep recessed areas. Working with these vinyl requires a great deal of attention and experience. Any other vinyl and laminate combination from either Avery, 3M or any other manufacturer will not handle the sprinter surface.

2) Proper Surface Preparation:
The surface of the Sprinter needs to be properly prepared for the installation of the graphics, specially the recessed areas. If these areas are not prepared properly it will result in the failure of the wrap.

3) Proper Installation Techniques:
Every installer in the industry does not possess the proper installation techniques used on the recessed areas. If the recessed areas are not installed correctly the wrap will fail.

4) Post Installation Treatment:
This is where over 90% of the vehicle wrap installers cut corners and avoid because it is a slow and time consuming process. Choosing the right material, preparing the surface and installing the graphics don't mean much if post installation treatment is not done correctly which will result in the failure of the wrap.

With ensuring all these steps are performed properly you can rest assure that your Sprinter Wrap will last for at least 3 years or more. If any of these steps are not performed properly you can expect your van wrap to start falling apart and lifting within the first 3 months.

Sample of a bad car wrap

(above is a sample of a Sprinter wrap that has failed on the recessed areas)

At LucentGraphicSolutions.com we have perfected this process by using the best and correct materials, taking our time to prepare the surface, applying the proper technique obtained by attending the AVERY Dennison certification program and making sure post installation treatment are done correct and complete.Car Wrap Information Kit

Please call 877-582-3680 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our Sprinter and NV Wrap programs and take your business on the road with the best designed and installed graphic wraps in the industry.

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